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Mrs Annette Benneche

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S.E.R.V.E. LLC was founded and established by Mrs. Annette (Washington) Benneche in Macon, GA in 2002, and legally incorporated S.E.R.V.E. LLC in 3/2006.


S.E.R.V.E. LLC. provides professional individualized, group, and family counseling services for ages 5 to 95 with clinically significant behavioral or psychological patterns that impair one or more important areas of functioning or with a significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom.

Professional Counseling Services in Greensboro, GA

Annette Benneche, M.S., M.Ed., BCPC, LPC, NCC, CFMHE, CADIII, CTT. She is also board certified as a professional counselor through the American Psychotherapy Association, and the Georgia Composite Board of LCSW, LPC, and LMFT; and founder (Executive Director) of S.E.R.V.E. LLC; a professional counseling agency with locations in Greensboro and Hinesville, GA. Mrs. Benneche is also a Certified Trauma Therapist, Nationally Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors and a Certified Addiction Drug Counselor, & Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator. She is also a Doctoral Student at Grand Canyon University.


Mrs. Benneche also has years of experience conducting in-home family counseling utilizing the Family Systems approach.
































Mrs. Annette Benneche,

Founder & Executive Director

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The American Psychological Association states: “Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. “


According to the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice, “The word “trauma” is used to describe experiences or situations that are emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm people’s ability to cope, leaving them powerless. Trauma has sometimes been defined in reference to circumstances that are outside the realm of normal human experience.”


Additionally, the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice added: “Trauma theory” is a relatively recent concept that emerged in the health care environment during the 1970s, mostly in connection with studies of Vietnam veterans and other survivor groups (Holocaust survivors, abused women and children, disaster survivors, refugees, victims of sexual assault) (see http://sanctuaryweb.com). “Post-traumatic stress disorder” was added as a new category in the American Psychiatric Association official manual of mental disorders in 1980.”


Dr. Louis Tinnin and Dr. Linda Gantt developed a trauma treatment model that utilizes: Art Therapy, Guided Imagery, and Externalized Dialogue as well as individualized psychotherapy. Their model also combines the latest neurological studies with concepts from animal survival strategies.


Annette Benneche, Owner and Founder of S.E.R.V.E. LLC received her trauma treatment techniques from Dr. Louis Tinnin and Dr. Linda Gantt. Their model is referred as the Instinctual Trauma Response Model and is highly effective in treating varied and multiple traumatic experiences.


Learn more about the Instinctual Trauma Response Model visit:

•  www.traumatherapy.us

•  http://www.traumatherapy.us/treatmentprocess.htm

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